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Manx Tasting Night – £28.00

Manx Broth (vg)
Served with Welbeck Breadrolls
Crab and Manx Chilli Cheddar Rarebit
Okells Bechamel
Seared Scallops with Close Leece Chorizo
In a Citrus and Fynodoree Gin Butter Sauce
Loaghtan Haggis & Black Pudding Bon Bon
Whisky Cream Sauce, Beetroot Salad
IOM Creameries Cheddar Cheese Nougat (v)
Pistachio and Apricot, Green Salad
Main Course
Manx Loaghtan, Red Wine and Rosemary
Bed of Vegetables, Dauphinoise Potatoes
Local Pheasant, Wild Duck & Goose Terrine
Home Made Chutney and Cumberland Sauce
Lobster and Scallop en Papillotte
Preserved Lemon, Herbs and Tender-stem Broccoli ( DBB+£4)
Cauliflower, Pea & Manx Cheddar Risotto (v)
8oz Local Sirloin Steak and Chips
Bonnag and Butter Pudding (v)
Peggy's Rum, Custard, Cream or Ice Cream
Fynoderee Bumblebee Mousse
Manx Honey, Vodka, Praline. A Proper Sting!
Selection of Davison’s Ice Cream (gf) (v)
Pear and Dark Chocolate Charlotte (v)
Selection of Manx Cheeses (v)
from Isle of Man Creameries