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Wine Menu

Hand selected wines from our local wine distributor, The Wine Cellar.

Red Wines



1. Cuvee Jean Paul Rouge - £15.00
Soft mellow southern French blend of Shiraz and Grenache
2. False Bay Pinotage (vg) (v) - 17.00
From South Africa, a fruity red with red berry fruit character. Not too heavy, great for Sunday Roast.
3. Camino La Cabaña Merlot (vg) (v) - £16.00
Smooth, very drinkable Chilean Merlot from vineyards in the Valle Del Maule with soft plum and bramble fruit flavours. Versatile and complements most dishes.
4. Rioja Navajas (vg) (v) - £18.00
Medium bodied Rioja, with lots of fruit and a hint of vanilla oak. Especially good with lamb.
5. Malbec Finca Florencia - £20.00
Rich and intense from Argentinia. The perfect match to steak and red meat dishes. Rich black fruit flavours.
6. Currabridge Shiraz (v) - £17.50
Richly flavoured Australian Shiraz. Medium to full bodied. Bramble fruit and spicy black pepper. Great with pasta or roast and grilled meat.
7. Ochagavia Cabernet Sauvignon - £17.50
Fruity and full flavoured Chilean red. Classic characteristics of blackcurrant and blackberry fruit with intense and lingering finish. Ideal for pasta, red meats, pork and cheese.
8. Fleurie La Reine de l’Arenite (vg) (v) - £27.00
Classic silky smooth Fleurie. Medium bodied with lifted summer fruit flavours. Light red that can be served slightly chilled and ideal for red wine drinker to enjoy with fish.





White Wines



11. Cuvee Jean Paul Sec (vg) (v) - £15.00
Fresh and fruity dry white from the Gascoyne region. Grape varieties are Ugni Blanc and Columbard, which gives a floral, fruity and easy drinking style of wine.
12. Cuvee Jean Paul Demi Sec (vg) (v) - £16.00
Medium dry, fruity easy drinking white wine from SW France.
13. Camino La Cabaña Sauvignon Blanc (vg) (v) - £16.00
From Chile, a refreshingly zingy white, dry but with lots of citrus and tropical fruit character. Delicious with fish, chicken and vegetarian dishes.
14. Pinot Grigio Sanvigilio (vg) (v) - £16.00
Crisp, dry Italian favourite with underlying nutty character Good served with pasta and lighter fish dishes without strong sauces.
15. Rudesheimer Rosengarten Riesling Spätlese - £24.50
This quality Kabinett wine from Germany is medium sweet, light, fresh, fruity and wonderfully easy to drink.
17. Currabridge Chardonnay (v) - £17.50
Unoaked Australian Chardonnay from South Eastern Australia. Classic aromas and flavours of clean fresh peach and ripe melon characteristics. Excellent with chicken, pasta and fish with creamy sauce.
18. Cloud Factory, Sauvignon Blanc - 23.00
Intensely fruity New Zealand white. Gooseberry and Passion fruit character with a deliciously fruity finish. Works well with spicy dishes.






26. Pinot Grigio Rose Sanvigilio - £17.00
Crisp, dry Italian favourite.
27. Burlesque White Zinfandel - £16.00
Easy drinking medium dry Californian Rosé, with sweet summer fruit flavours.



Sparkling Wines
21. Cava Cordoniu Anna Blanc de Noir (vg) (v) - £24.00
Crisp, clean and dry Cava. Refreshing and light.
22. Passaparola Prosecco (vg) (v) - £27.00
Light and easy drinking Prosecco. Fresh and fruity.
23. Mionetto Spumante Rosato (vg) (v) - £22.00
Lively, Italian flair with bright berry aromas.
24. Champagne Gremillet France - £56.50
Well made Champagne from a family run business, supplied to over 50 French embassies around the world.
25. Billecart Salmon Brut - 70.00
An elegant, dry and stylish Champagne.
by the glass - red - 18.75cl
Merlot (vg) (v) - £4.80
Chilean. Soft and juicy style.
Shiraz (vg) (v) - £4.80
Australian. Medium bodied fruity wine.
by the glass - white - 18.75cl
Sauvignon Blanc (vg) (v) - £4.80
Chilean. Zingy citrus fruit style.
Pinot Grigio (vg) (v) - £4.80
Italian. Fruity, light and easy drinking wine.
Chardonnay (vg) (v) - £4.80
A stylish fruity wine from Australia.
by the glass - rosé - 18.75cl
White Zinfandel Rosé (vg) (v) - £4.60
Lively and refreshing flavours. Juicy watermelon combined with a delicate sweetness and crisp acidity.
by the glass - sparkling - 20cl
Lunetta Prosecco (vg) (v) - £7.50
Medium dry sparkling wine from Italy.